What's new in 5.7

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Updates in

Feature Updates

  • Broke out debug settings into two separate settings: Display errors and Error Detail level (message vs. stack trace.) Defaulting to show error messages in a nice way (not the detailed stack trace).

Behavioral Improvements

  • Better fallback to GD when Imagick can’t be loaded properly (thanks mlocati.)
  • Improved installation accuracy by checking for PDO MySQL extention not just PDO (thanks mkly)
  • Adding global areas back to stacks since it’s the only place where you can edit version history, permissions of a global area.
  • The in-page click menu should do a better job at keeping itself from showing up off the screen.
  • Improved installation - checking more required items, showing ideal and required RAM and telling user what they have.
  • Better error messaging when pre-5.7 packages are copied into the packages directory. Users should be alerted in a way that they can know what is wrong.
  • Helpful error notice for users attempting to use topics attribute without a topic tree created.
  • Improved page list and page, users and file date filtering with time zone support (thanks mlocati.)
  • Global areas are blue rather than green like other areas.
  • Improved panel detail scrolling and display.
  • Help overlay in dashboard starts lower, doesn’t obscure default buttons.
  • Improved My Account Navigation
  • Page drafts no longer say “Warning, this is a system page” when you try and delete them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inability to edit or delete external links.
  • Dialog help popovers now close when a dialog is closed.
  • Improved localization of Facebook authentication type (thanks Mnkras.)
  • Improved localization of Dashboard (thanks hissy and ounziw)
  • Improved permission checking in the in-page toolbar.
  • Bug fixes in block output caching, block caching with assets.
  • Fix issues in composer that arise when deleting an attribute key joined to a composer form.
  • Fixed bug where CSS files found in a block template’s css/ directory weren’t being autoloaded.
  • Fixed bug where clear cache in the dashboard wasn’t clearing block caches, CSS caches, or Environment caches.
  • Fixed inability to resize images in Redactor when using themes with picturefill support (like Elemental).
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-7-0-1/theme-area-labels/
  • Fixed getTotalBlocksInArea with layouts.
  • Fixed Character encoding issue in navbar when using apostrophe file names
  • Fixed some issues with full page caching on long file paths (thanks hissy.)
  • Fixed bug where google maps block wouldn’t load properly in stacks.
  • Fixed bug in stacks and clipboard where the scrapbook view wasn’t being used properly.
  • Fixed asset path definitions when working from Packages.
  • Empty blocks, single_pages, controllers and views directories in the application/ directory should now be present.
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-7-0-1/text-area-as-file-attribute/
  • Fixed odd presentation of page template icons in Firefox.
  • Miscellaneous date improvements and bug fixes in page, user and file searches (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed bug where page type permissions couldn’t be saved.
  • Fixed bug where Page Owner access entity wasn’t available for assignment in page type permissions.
  • Newsflow now shows up correctly when logging in.
  • Fixed bug where topic list block would die if no topic tree was created.
  • Fixed bug where topic page attribute would die if no topic tree was created.
  • You can now rearrange blocks in a global area.
  • Fixed topic list and date navigation incorrectly caching their contents in view mode when block caching is enabled (resulted in links not highlighting when active.)
  • Correct language now selected on site language select menu in dashboard (Thanks acliss19xx)
  • Fixed bug in page list when no topics attributes existed (thanks Raverix)
  • User selector in composer used to throw an error and didn’t work properly. That has been fixed. (Thanks raverix)
  • Fixed exception that was thrown when adding a social link with a service already used by another social link.
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-7-0-1/css-issue-with-google-map-add-on/ (thanks appliculture)
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-7-0-1/cancel-button-not-working/
  • Fixed PHP foreach error when installing a theme with no templates.
  • Fixed: Attempting to add block at index.php/account causes error

Developer Updates

  • Reintroduced header menu items. Refactored header menu items to make them work with font awesome, object oriented DOM HTML building.
  • Reworked database connection class to use Database Manager, enable easy connections to multiple databases.
  • Removed OpenID support from core.
  • Added $pkg->getConfig() and $pkg->getFileConfig() methods to create config repositories for developers to use to save package configuration values.