Release Notes

August 31st - 2011

New Features

  • Updated the YouTube block that fixes IE bugs, works with youtu.be URLs, allows the size of the video to be changed, and supports mobile devices.

Bug Fixes & Security Improvements

  • Fixing bug where custom template changes would be immediately visible on a live site.
  • Fixed bug where editing a custom style would display the wrong style name in the confirmation area.
  • Updated security "regenerateSession" function to work better in IE than php's built-in session_regenerate_id() function.
  • User Attribute cache was persisting even when it was supposed to be cleared, leading to unsortable user attributes, data retention, etc...
  • Fixed bug in the mail helper where interaction with new helper code could lead to many duplicate emails being sent if they all are sent in one request.
  • Reverted a fix for zip_open failing on larger archives on 64-bit linux. Rewrote solution to hopefully fix both problems. Should fix problems with zip not unpacking marketplace archives.
  • Fixed bug where renaming a block in a scrapbook with a space in it fails to work
  • Fixed bug with layouts where spacing wasn't being honored.
  • Fixed bug where Zend Framework would complain if it already appeared with the include_path before concrete5 loaded.
  • File downloads should no longer hang the active session
  • Fixed nav bar in the settings section (thanks 12345j)
  • Fixed some bugs in the sample content (thanks 12345j)
  • Fixed bug when getting page by path with a trailing slash (shouldn't happen through front-end request, only through API)
  • Fixed places where strings weren't being translated.
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-4-2/filemanager-sets-can-type-when-add-to-set-isnand039t-selected/
  • Fixed bug where add-ons wouldn't download under certain circumstances.
  • Composer sometimes wouldn't publish the latest version when clicking "Publish," due to a conflict with autosaving. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes previewing a page in composer wouldn't have the most up to date copy of the page.
  • Fixed bug in advanced permissions where blocks couldn't be reverted to area permissions because the button didn't exist.

Behavioral Improvements

  • Stripping tags from JSON response because of some plugins/malware that injects HTML into a response, screwing up editing
  • Modified Zend Framework's Loader.php to fix bug where Zend Framework improperly whines about open_basedir when loading Zend_Translate in some cases
  • Rich text editor attribute should load the required javascript and css to display the concrete5 toolbar.
  • Autocomplete select attribute mode should work when you haven't already loaded the necessary javascript and css.
  • Date picker no longer dies without javascript if jquery UI isn't included in header.

Developer Updates

  • Added a clear option to the page selector form helper.
  • Added shortenURL() function to the URLS helper that shortens URLs with the TinyURL API (thanks 12345j)
  • Added DATE_APP_DATE_PICKER constant that controls the jQuery UI datepicker dateFormat property. Documentation here: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Datepicker/formatDate