Release Notes

Behavioral Improvements

  • Better update checking for new versions of concrete5.
  • Attribute types have friendlier names (Checkbox instead of Boolean, etc...)
  • When a fixed footprint isn’t set, the image cropper in the file manager now defaults to the full size of the image.
  • Improved performance of intelligent search
  • Fixed http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-5-2/login-and-error-pages-dont-use-the-menu-logo-settings/

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error where pretty URLs on PHP/FastCGI would only render the home page. (Fixed by parsing REQUEST_URI and stripping query string.)
  • Fixed double slash in front of index.php when inserting links in TinyMCE that would lead to pretty URLs not showing up in content blocks.
  • Fixed bug in file permissions where they wouldn’t take until you saved and THEN edited them.
  • Fixed link to update concrete5 from Dashboard home page, other places.
  • Fixing bug in sortByMultiple() on versions of PHP earlier than 5.3. This fixes bugs in the slideshow, image galleries.
  • Fixed file manager bug where continue button wouldn’t do anything
  • Fixed bug where inserting more than one link through the sitemap in the content block would cause all links after two to just be added to the top of the content block content (in Firefox primarily)
  • Reverted radio() function in helpers/form.php to resolve this issue (and possibly others):
  • http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-5-2/php-error-in-editing-a-file-set/http://www.concrete5.org/index.php?cID=307996&editmode=
  • Fixed hidden tabs in Firefox when in advanced permissions mode and setting access on a file in the file manager.
  • Fixed bug in layouts where layouts couldn’t be moved multiple times if the version was approved.
  • Fixed PHP bug that occurred when trying to clear cache and the cache was disabled
  • Fixed bug where image cropping wouldn’t work if images had uppercase file extensions.
  • Fixed bug when using memcache to store sessions.
  • Fixed bug where selecting files to upload, changing tabs, then switching back to upload tab made it impossible to upload the files.