5.5.2 Release Notes

Feature Updates

  • Replaced Picnik with built-in crop, rotate and zoom functionality. Crop+Zoom provided by jQuery Cropzoom by Gaston Robledo (http://www.cropzoom.com.ar/)
  • Added ability to specify a file set on a form block for files uploaded through form. (Thanks danklassen!)
  • Prettier edit/add experience for image block.
  • Image block can now automatically resize thumbnails (previous default) or accept a fixed size, which can be passed to the image editor directly as a fixed width/height
  • Ability to receive an email when new users register (Thanks Mnkras.)

Behavioral Improvements

  • Made better use of space on dashboard home and system & settings
  • Newsflow arrows are more prominent
  • Moved sessions into filers/tmp/ on each site for better security.
  • Download File script now redirects to files instead of forcing all files to download (to allow PDFs, images to display in browser)
  • Fixed: http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-5-1/cant-open-sitemap-visit-links-in-new-tab-5.5/
  • Improved installation will remove user-created configuration files if something goes wrong in installation, removing an infinite installation loop unless the files were removed by hand.
  • More robust UI handling when concrete5 is used with themes with greedy center styles.
  • Adding wmode=transparent to youtube videos for better display
  • File blocks now are searchable through the site-wide search block.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where aliases deleted from sitemap would move original page to the trash.
  • Fixed bug where page properties wouldn’t save in Internet Explorer, and the custom attributes tab would be blank.
  • Fixed bug where show warnings or hide warnings debug radio settings were switched (thanks rmxdave)
  • Fixed inability to insert files or images into TinyMCE on single pages that also have file manager file pickers.
  • Fixing file manager bugs where repeated use of the file manager could result in multiple dialogs per action.
  • Fixed bug where white labelling constants removed the ability to set quick nav behavior through the Interface Settings dashboard page.
  • Blocks with no edit or add dialogs should now have the ability to have custom templates.
  • Fixed bug where download statistics incorrectly capped total downloads for a file at 20.
  • Security fix with version comparison.
  • Fixed bug where editing select attribute options would make it impossible to save the form.
  • Bug Fix: Intelligent Search should now work in IE7 and IE8.
  • Directory traversal security issue removed from restore backup code.
  • Fixed bug where certain installations would show PHP header errors at the top of the Environment Information dashboard page.
  • Fixed bug where full content swappable packages weren’t working.
  • Adding FILE_PERMISSIONS_MODE constant to control the umask that files and directories uploaded to concrete5 will get. By default it’s 755 (since the apache user is the one doing the uploading) but this is used when installing via the command line.
  • Fixed bug where disallowing files for adding through the file manager gave you a slew of PHP warnings.
  • Explicitly disable strict error reporting for better compatibility with PHP 5.4
  • Fixing issue with IE8 'cannot move focus to invisible control' on page properties
  • Fixed bug where search results from a tag cloud block would show no non-ascii characters in the results.
  • Fixed: http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-5-1/xss-flaw-in-librariesitem_list.php/ (thanks striderseo)
  • Fixed unclosed tag in the header when a page was in edit mode.
  • Fix for "page not found" error when DIR_REL matches first part of page path
  • Bug fix: got rid of “cannot load class” errors after uninstall a package with blocks in it by removing all blocks of a particular block type when deleting that block type.
  • Bug Fix: http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/customizing_c5/bug-in-5.5.1-contentblockcontrollerreplacedownloadfileid/(thanks scottconrad)
  • Fix bug in UrlHelper::unsetVariable() when passing an array. -http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/5-5-1/javascript-error-in-page_controls_menu_js.php-on-edit/

Developer Updates

  • Can pass maxWidth, minWidth, maxHeight, minHeight to image editor from within an image picker instance.