Major Additions

  • Concrete5 is now localized. If you're interested in translating C5, check out the forums or the feature requests section of the site.
  • Improved installation process should do a much better job at detecting all C5 requirements, including isolating whether safe mode is on, checking file permissions, database access, etc...

Feature Updates

  • Form block now has a configurable "thank you" message.
  • Asset library has quick upload ability: upload one file through the browser, bypassing the flash uploader entirely.
  • Guestbook can now use C5 authentication via a parameter. This makes it so that the guestbook can't be filled out unless users are logged into C5.
  • certain multimedia content will be disabled in edit mode, making it easier to edit.
  • Making TinyMCE use full URLs and not convert (for placeholder storing and server migration purposes) - making TinyMCE use a CCM_CID placeholder for future conversion into pretty urls
  • You can now delete users and groups from the dashboard, when logged in as the super user.

Bug Fixes & Behavioral Improvements

  • Better IE 7 presentation in edit mode
  • Fixed bugs when previewing/publishing a page, adding a page from sitemap and adding new page
  • Make adding a page type with a duplicate handle fail more gracefully, also when check boxes are not clicked
  • Tweaks to multi-hosting process
  • Fixed a bug where creating new pages wasn't setting them to pending first.
  • More tweaks to request to allow it to work better with godaddy URL rewriting, in general
  • Sitemap should give an alert error if it's unable to load the data
  • Fixed bug in download controller where files would be loaded entirely into memory before downloading, which caused problems with large files
  • Fixed template error in IE 7 where the header area was invisible in edit mode.
  • Adding a 3rd party JSON library that will be used in place of json_encode and json_decode, in case your PHP version doesn't have those functions available.
  • Fixed problems with GoDaddy shared hosting.
  • Fixed problems with inconsistent autonav preview.
  • Fixed incorrect redirection when installing or uninstalling jobs with pretty URLs turned off.
  • Improved performance when calculating page views per day.
  • Fixed database error encountered in certain configurations with Jobs date field.
  • C5 should display meaningful error information if it is unable to connect to the database.
  • Image block update actually honors hover image, adds a link property.

Cosmetic Updates

  • Dashboard secondary navigation has a new look.

Developer Updates

  • Lots of tweaks and modifications to MVC-style syntax when used with blocks.
  • A fuller complement of C5 events is available for applications to hook into. Documentation coming soon.
  • Login and register pages have a syntax whereby they can forward users back to the pages they came from.
  • You may call $area->setBlockLimit(1) (or any integer) to limit the number of blocks in an area.
  • Statistics tracking can be disabling by setting a constant STATISTICS_TRACK_PAGE_VIEWS to false in config/site.php
  • Forgot password email will use the super user's email address as its from address; this can be overridden by defining the EMAIL_ADDRESS_FORGOT_PASSWORD constant.
  • Custom thumbnail sizes can be generating from within blocks, on the libraryfile block, using getThumbnail and outputThumbnail (documentation coming soon.)


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