Feature Updates

  • Added a new page attribute, "Exclude from Page List." Now "Exclude from Nav" only affects Auto-Nav. Use "exclude from page list" to affect page list. Any sites that are upgraded and use Exclude from Nav will have those pages also automatically set to "Exclude from Page List" (honoring previous functionality.)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed database error that came when pages were duplicated.
  • Fixed attribute error that resulted in database duplication constraint errors when adding blocks and updating pages
  • Changing the page owner should be possible from the sitemap.
  • Modifying "file" type attributes should be possible from the sitemap.
  • PHP 5.1 is now supported again (although date/time functionality requires 5.2 but should degrade gracefully.)

Additional Behavioral Improvements

  • Improved display of dashboard in 1024x768 browser windows
  • Fixing too-strict email validation in the strings validation helper.
  • All items in logs should be properly html encoded.
  • Mail exceptions should be logged correctly.
  • When login via email address is selected, username is now available as an option when adding a new user.
  • Page list should now show external links
  • Will use the built-in PHP ZIP functionality if it is available, rather than /usr/bin/zip - Thanks Remo

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for plain yogurt template in Internet Explorer
  • Fixes to friends community functionality in user profile.
  • W3C validation fixes.
  • Fixed problems that arose with "allow pass by reference" was off.
  • Fixed Internet Explorer not refreshing the captcha image.
  • Fixed bug with mail helper incorrectly reporting the from address
  • Fixing bugs when custom page type icons are used.
  • Multiple files can now be deleted at once (5.3.3 disabled this functionality inadvertently.)
  • Fixed bug in htmlhelper->hidden() when used with arrays.
  • Fix SQL error for that references ASET_ALLOW_NONE


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