Feature Updates

  • Vastly improved file, page and user attributes, including:
    • Unified attribute framework, allowing for all attribute types to be used for page, file and users.
    • The "select" attribute type options may be reordered
    • The "select" attribute type may order its options by usage, display order or alphabetical
    • Better native storage of attribute types
    • The ability to search and sort by all attribute types in the same way
    • Added an "address" attribute for users
  • Upgrade support for addons, either by replacing the package locally or by downloading from the marketplace 
  • More page path SEO Work
    • Added PAGE_PATH_SEPARATOR constant and made it default to "-"
    • "_" becomes "-" - only for auto-determining page handles (at the javascript and page level - although this will not affect existing sites unless they are explicitly changed.)
    • No more duplicate "_" in page handles
    • Umlaut internationalization page aliasing fix
  • Improved User Search
    • Improved UI
    • Includes the ability to search by 1-n user groups.
    • Includes the ability to include attributes as column headers
  • Much improved user attribute editing - similar to file attribute editing.
    • Bulk Editing of User Attributes
  • Improved File Search
    • Includes the ability to include attributes as column headers 
  • Added support for "Timed Groups." Any group can have either a specific date/time or an interval after which a user who's been in the group will be removed from it. Users may also be deactivated automatically at this time.  
  • Block design controls, accessed through the block menu, allow site owners to control styles on a block level.
  • Improved Mail Support
    • Mail Settings tab in the Sitewide Settings area of the dashboard will allow sites to use external SMTP servers to send mail.
    • Mail Importers can poll external POP3 Mail accounts, import messages and act on them. 
  • User Profile Improvements, including support for private messaging, better attribute editing, and bug fixes. 
  • Search Block Improvements
    • Search block will look against page attributes that are included in the "keyword search"
    • Pages will automatically be reindexed, so running the index search engine job is only necessary for periodic maintenance
    • Search index automatically includes all pages, and then uses permissions to filter out pages
    • Search indexing will occur when a site is first installed 
  • Page List block can explicitly allow/disallow page aliases
  • Improved sample site - plus the ability to install concrete5 with no sample content whatsoever (except a home page.)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for PHP 5.3, including no longer displayed E_DEPRECATED error messages
  • Fixed Alias deletion bug where deleting part of a tree with alias deletes items under alias
  • Fix the register bug where users that have to be approved first are still actually logged in.
  • Page Paths should no longer be incorrectly truncated

Additional Behavioral Improvements

  • Image editing with picnik now works via POST; image editing should now be available from non-public sites.
  • Made maintenance mode theme editable through theme paths
  • Call addHeaderItem() from within a block controller's add() or edit() method will now include stylesheets or javascripts in the block popup.
  • Made getTemporaryDirectory() call a directory in the files/ directory (tmp) unless DIR_TMP is set to override
  • Restored draggable windows in the dashboard

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Fixes
    • Page metadata no longer looks strange and fixed when editing a page's properties in the dashboard sitemap
    • Drag and drop of scrapbook items should work in IE 8
    • Fixed bug in user selector JavaScript.
    • Removed IE 6 warning because false positives made it impossible for users to edit their sites.
  • Deleted users will no longer cause errors on the file manager access page.
  • Fixed color picker in IE 7/8 when used in blocks.
  • Fixed bugs in the user registration notification process
  • Fixing problems that led to certain random logouts
  • Foreground and background controls are added back into TinyMCE.
  • Fixed behavior in image helper where passed path's that were replaced with newer images would not update the thumbnail properly
  • Fixed bug in area popup that might cause javascript errors relating to blocks with apostrophes in their name.
  • Fixed bug where putting multiple lines into your custom CSS box would cause that button to disappear (thanks concrete5 Japan!)

Developer Updates

  • The asset library helper now takes an optional extension parameter, rather than just a file type
  • Additional helpers:
    • form/color (includes the color picker and posts a hex code.)
    • form/user_selector, including the ability to select one or multiple users
  • API cleanup to remove some global variable calls


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