Mouse over the Edit button and click "Add a Sub-Page"


Click the type of page you want to create


Pick a Page Type that includes the editable areas you want, you'll be able to reskin this page later using Themes. 

Describe your page


Name is how the page will read in Navigations.

URL Slug is what the URL will look like.

Public Date / Time is a timestamp that you can set however you choose. (Note: This is only a point of data. It doesn't "show" or "hide" the page at the selected time.)

Description is used for searching and summarizing.

Work on your page


After pressing Add Page, you are sent to the new copy of your page in Edit Mode. You can add Blocks and get this page looking just right before hitting Exit Edit Mode and committing your changes. 

Note: some Blocks might show up based on the default Blocks defined in your Page Type.

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