Advanced Block Development: Part Two


At the start of this video, Andrew goes on to explain the error validation helper further. Check out the documentation page for the helper right here.

He also suffers through a bout of coughing! If you're fine just reading about the error helper, you can go ahead and skip ahead to 7:53, where Andrew starts discussing search.

Here is the function from the content block's controller that Andrew mentions:

    public function getSearchableContent(){
        return $this->content;

Essentially what happens here, is that when a concrete5 site runs the "index search engine" job, this function will be run and the content of the block will be put into the PageSearchIndex database table, which is what gets polled when someone uses a search block on your site.


Composer is a relatively new feature which allows certain pages to be created from within the dashboard rather than from the usual in-page editing experience. Editors can pick any kind of block to include when they are setting up the defaults for a composable page. However, blocks need a special view in order to correctly add and edit the block from within the composer interface.

The distinction between in-page editing and composer editing, from a content-saving perspective, is that when you add / edit a block in-page, you are only ever submitting changes to one block. In the case of composer, you are always submitting changes to multiple blocks. As such, the form fields in the composer view need to be named in such a way that they are distinguishable from eachother.

Here is the basic trick to make a block composerable:

  <textarea name="content">
  <textarea name="<?this->field('content')?>">

What the field function does is return the field name in such a way that it will be identifiable in the POST request which will save all of your blocks

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