Page Properties

What are they?

You can access Page Properties from the in-context editing toolbar when in edit mode, or from the Dashboard > Sitemap. The Page Properties let you define general information about the page.


Standard Properties


  • Name - This is used various navigation blocks as the display name for this page. This is what you'll see in the site map as well.
  • Public Date/Time - This is used for sorting by blocks like the Page List block in chronological ordering mode. This is NOT a timed release date, if you want to hide pages from a specific group until a given time you should check out advanced permissions
  • Owner - This is typically the user account that made the original page. You can change who owns the page by using the select user link. Page ownership is not a permissions model, but is used for things like the Discussion add-on.
  • Description - This description is used for searching, its the short description that can be optionally displayed by the Page List block, and it is sometimes used as the page's Meta Description as well. 

Page Paths


This section is only useful if you've turned on Pretty URLs. Assuming you have, this area gives you control over how the page's URL will read. 

The Canonical URL is the URL your page will always redirect to. Get to the page through some other mechanism, and it will look like what is displayed in the Canonical URL. Search engines like this, they hate seeing the same page at two different URLs.

Additional Page URL(s) are basically redirects. These paths are from the root of your site, so if you want this URL to work:

you would put in: "/oldDirectory/oldSubDirectory/pagename" as a new path for the page. Now when someone visits the long URL concrete5 will redirect them to this page at the Canonical URL. 

This feature is very handy if you're worried about legacy links from an older version of your site that may be still getting traffic. Unfortunately putting a ".html" at the end of a Additional Page URL will not work. 

Custom Attributes


This tab shows all the Custom Attributes that have been assigned to this Page Type by default. You can also choose to add any Custom Attribute used on any Page Type to this page by using the drop down. Add the attribute, and set its value below. 

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