Version History


  • BugFix: Cookie Disclaimer Settings Page access throws an exception after updating to 1.3.0 version


  • Additional text for the blocking popup can be configured from the dashboard settings page
  • The action of the "Accept third-party cookies" button can be chosen from the dashboard (Show Consent Popup or Accept third-party cookies)
  • Added the ability to choose a custom background for blocked Youtube and Vimeoor show a default thumbnail for Youtube and Vimeo from their API if available.
  • Improved responsive design


  • Replaced cookies usage with localStorage
  • Added new fields in Cookies settings :
    • set switchers on by default : to give the choice to user to activate or not switchers by default
    • accept essentials :to add the possibilty to accept only essentials
    • accept all: to add the possibilty to accept all cookies
    • Close Button: how it should work : to be able to choose how the close button is going to work
  • Added new fields in Cookies styles:
    • accept essentials button style
    • accept all button style
    • Background toggler color :to have the choice to choose background of toggler when activated
    • Toggler color: to have the choice to choose color of toggler when activated
  • Added four new templates:
    • Template modal 1
    • Template modal 2
    • Template 4
    • Template 5
  • Close button function became parametric : you can choose how the close button will act.
  • cleared all saved data when package is uninstalled


  • Make controls state enabled by default


  • Replaced checkboxes control with IOS - togglers
  • Performance Improvements
  • BugFix: Etracker failed to load in Chrome
  • BugFix: Matomo failed to load with some urls


  • Initial release