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Review posted by dynamojim on at

Awesome add-n

fab time saving add-on - should be part of the whole system
Review posted by dubl0dude on at

Great work

This should be standard in C5, but you've made my life easy with this nifty little add on.

Works great!
Review posted by keeasti on at

Brilliant add-on

This is so useful when adding more than a few pages to a site structure.
Many thanks!
Review posted by enlil on at

BIG time saver!!

Needed to create pages for every U.S. State. What may have been an hour long task, was hashed out in about 4 minutes with this add-on!!
Review posted by imJack on at

Still awesome

This save me so much time its incredible. Big client automatically get this installed.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

This is great!

Saved me a lot of time on a huge project! Thanks so much :)
Review posted by OKDnet on at

Time saver when needed for sure

Just like it says. You'll know when you really need this, and when you do, you'll be glad you have it!
Review posted by imJack on at


Once again, my life is easy with this it.
Review posted by MysteriousCleon on at

Simple and useful.

It does what it sais, and is easy to use. Very helpful.

Before 2.0

Review posted by emblitz on at

Simply Ah mazin!

The only thing i can't believe is myself...for not downloading this until now! Love this, so usefull.
Review posted by clintre on at

A time savor

Such a simple concept, but no one had done it. Excellent work and saved me a ton of time.
Review posted by py2k66 on at

Almost the first item that gets loaded

Everything has been said. On one occasion I decided to delete perhaps 50 pages as I could populate the default better and then use this to re-instate the pages. I would never have considered it without this add on.

Brilliant, thank you
Review posted by fjhadd on at

Great Addon

Thanks for this add-on . Should Be on the Core!!!!
Review posted by jbullen on at


2 Words: Saves Time.

Simple to use. Helps a ton. Thanks!
Review posted by abovecreative on at

Should be in the core

This addon should really be in the core its that useful!! Took me 2 minutes to add multiple pages to a site, the standard method would have taken me at least 10!! Great stuff.
Review posted by beebs93 on at

Get off the ground fast!

Great way to quickly populate your site with placeholder pages to help flesh out navigation and overall architecture.

Simple, effective and doesn't try to over-complicate things.
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Awesome Work!

This add-on is amazing. Saved me hours of work! Very slick! Well done! I highly recommend it!
Review posted by mesuva on at

This plugin rocks

Awesome, awesome plugin. Saves tons of time and does it without fuss.
In many ways, I wish this was in the core!
Review posted by mario on at

great addon!

simply obvious and awesome. deserves karma points. should be part of core.
Review posted by jordanlev on at

Simple and Useful

This is a great little utility -- saves me a lot of time when I need to build out sitemap skeletons for clients. My clients usually enter their own content, but if I can set up the sitemap ahead of time then it is much easier for them to understand where things go.

Review posted by madelyn on at

Excellent addon!!!

Excellent addon. Thanks.

Excelente módulo, nos permite agregar múltiples páginas de una vez. Gracias.

Madelyn :-)
Review posted by rritz on at

good job!

Works great, easy to instal and easy to use. Thanks for this contribution!
Review posted by Styves on at

Wow! It made me a speedy gonzalez for sure now

Thanks to his creator. A must to have definitively. A+

Review posted by tallacman on at

Flesh out your site quickly with this block

Adding a boat-load of pages to a site takes time. This block reduces the time to seconds. You are able to choose the parent page and the template you wish to use as well as other page specific parameters.

You can see more here:


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