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Review posted by ranxem on at

'Advanced Guestbook Comment' is not working

I recently upgraded for new version on C5 and permissions got really messed up.
It also deactivated the following Add Ons:

'Advanced Guestbook Comment' is not working, 'Simple Blog Post' is not working, 'Popup Menu' is not working.

Please see attachment.
Response by 12345j on at
that image doesn't help me, it does't show this add-on.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

More spam fighting options

I like this add-on better than the original guestbook, because it has more spam fighting options. At the moment I am trying the honeypot, and I hope this will keep spam away. In general, I don’t like captchas very much because they’re not user-friendly.

The design and formatting looks nice. And the WYSIWYG editor surely is comfortable for the commentators. It shows the most needed features only, but no font colors and other ugly stuff.

So, if you plan a guestbook page for your website, I think you should use this add-on instead of the default guestbook block.
Response by 12345j on at

Before 2.0

Review posted by pepelagarto69 on at

TinyMCE or FCKeditor

traducción del español al inglés
Jacks Hi, my name is Daniel and I am Concrete5 user and I use many of your add-ons. Currently I have placed the "Advanced Comment", which I have taken the liberty to modify it to put a HTML editor, such as TinyMCE.
I do not understand too much about php programming or scripting, but I usually try and read forums on how to use the tools.
You can perform the placement of the textarea TinyMCE, but I have the following disadvantages:

* The TinyMCE editor is only enabled if the registered user has Administrator permissions. I could not verify if the same happens with CKEditor because I could not make it work.

* Although the TinyMCE works only with users Administrators, saving the comment in the database, it is in plain text, can not save it in HTML format. I fail to realize that should be modified to prevent this from happening.

I apologize for the bad writing, and I'm from Argentina and do not speak English (thanks Google translator).

I await your response Jacks.

Thanks. Daniel
Response by 12345j on at
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the review. Rich text comments are on my list for 2.0. In the mean time here is your issue for #2- the text is being sanitized so that people can't hack into your site. For this reason it is showing as plain text, not as html. I don't know about #1- I have made a copy that works if it doesn't sanitize the data, and tinyMCE works all the time. If you could send me the code (jack-dot-lightbody-at-gmail-dot-com) then I could take a quick look and see what the issue is.

Hola Daniel,
Gracias por la revisión. Comentarios de texto enriquecido están en mi lista de 2.0. Por el momento aquí está el problema de # 2 - el texto está siendo desinfectada para que la gente no puede entrar en su sitio. Por esta razón, se muestra como texto sin formato, no como html. Yo no sé acerca de # 1 - He hecho una copia que funciona si no desinfectar los datos, y TinyMCE trabaja todo el tiempo. Si usted me podría enviar el código ([email protected]) entonces yo podría echar un vistazo y ver cuál es el problema.

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