Capscodes already available

I am based on the Bootstrap library to provide quality content and efficient. I added other utilities like youtube, vimeo, facebook... The list below tends to lengthen. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to offer!

accordions Add collapsible accordions alert Add a bootstrap alert box audio Add a html5 audio player button Add a bootstrap button button_collapse Add a button with collapsible content under code Add a Prettify google code text facebook_like Add a 'Like' Button by Facebook gallery_images Add a Bootstrap gallery image Add a image with bootstrap lightbox image_slides Add a Bootsrap responsive slider label Add a Bootstrap label page_info Add page'info like name, description, date, breadcrumb,... popover Add a Bootstrap popover slides Add a Bootstrap html responsive slider tabs Add Bootstrap tabs tooltip Add Bootstrap tooltip vimeo Add a Vimeo player youtube Add a Youtube player