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Ambitious Add-on. Not for beginners

Very ambitious add-on. If you're new to coding this might take a little tinkering to get it to work the way you want. Overall it's a pretty decent add-on.
Review posted by lackadaize on at

messes with the rest of the page css properties

I'm having the exact same problem. Even if I create this block without putting any content in it it messes up the whole page. Can't find a work around at all without messing up all the other pages. I'd find it incredibly useful if not for the face that I can't use this add-on on a page.
Response by sebastienj on at

Thank you for purchasing.
It seems that your theme is made with bootstrap. They are conflict with bootstrap theme, it's noticied in plugin description.
Anyway, i will update the great block with new css that will avoid conflict !

Just need some patience.

Thank you again
Review posted by imJack on at

if I can get it to cooperate it will be stellar....

So bought 5 of these thinking future forward.
So here is what I have found:

No matter what I try to embed, it breaks or messes with everything below it (in this case, just the footer.) The footer is a global area. If I fix my css to accomodate the addon, the other pages without it, break. Its feeling almost like its not self contained. I don't write blocks at this point but I know it should not mess with anything I write.

The other issue is I'm not sure you should set font size...let the main css do that. The tabs were way big. For me not a big deal, for noobs no bueno.

Talk to me. Its going to be lovely when its working perfectly...til then...

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