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Review posted by bizonline on at

Issues with this add-on without response from the creator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i will try to get noticed here perhaps, i have been having issues with this addon since mid july it is now mid august!!, i have posted multiple cries for help from this developer, and have not heard 1 word in response, this is a critical issue and this developer seems to have gone AWOL! Normally i would not post this type of negative and extremely frustrated comment here but i dont think it will be responded to anyway so what the hell, i have tried through all the normal channels and gotten nowhere!
Review posted by Mnkras on at

Very Flexible and Powerful

Extremely wonderful addon and extremely powerful and easy to use.

Also wonderful support as well.
Review posted by webpresso on at


Powerful System for much more than just forms! Cool stuff!
Review posted by br2studio on at

Great addon

This is a really useful addon. You can use it for several things with the Data Display, so I could recommend to anyone.
Review posted by philippwidmer on at

Great Add-On

The add-on has a couple of great features and it definitely matches my needs.
If something is not working the way it should, the support is very good and fast.
I can really recommend Advanced Forms.
Review posted by laurajvanv on at

Helpful and easy-to-implement features

Advanced Forms has a couple of great features from what I've learned so far. It was such a great help that existing forms can be converted into Advanced Forms so that the features can be enjoyed without starting over. Also, auto responses can be easily integrated into the forms so that users of the forms will know their submissions have been received. Overall, the add-on was very easy to use, and I would recommend it to people who want some extra features on their forms.
Review posted by jbsmith969 on at

Great Options

Nice job on this Mr Garcia. You have covered a lot of areas that are definitely needed for form creation. I was very impressed you had form converters for existing forms on the site. That's definitely a bonus and a real time saver. The rules for the forms is what I was really needing and this is going to save me a good deal of time not having to make up a bunch of javascript to handle the forms included in Concrete5.

On a side note, your demo site is messed up. The home page isn't showing anything. I tried creating an additional page on there, but nothing seems to work. They just show up as a completely blank white page. Also, your .htaccess file is probably messed up. I made it to the dashboard to check it out, but I had to do that by manually entering the path... /index.php/dashboard.
Review posted by webconcentrate on at

Has a lot of functionality

This addon has a lot of functionality. Most importantly, it has a paypal payment button, which saved me a ton of development time!

There were a few bugs when I first installed it, but @jgarcia responded to my support request and got them fixed (which is really the best one can hope for with software purchases).
Review posted by imJack on at

Advanced is understated

If you are worried about price on this lovely addon,what it offers far outweighs the cost. Robust and beyond. All good things to say!

Review posted by ckwill90 on at

Just what I was looking for!

This add-on was just what I needed. I also purchased Data Display but have not had a chance to work with that add-on yet. Support was extremely responsive and solved all issues I was having. Job well done!
Review posted by tobyme on at

Better than Extended Forms

I ended up buying both and this allows more depth and variation. The Extended forms addon is alright but this is definitely better. Nice one.
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Works almost 100% with forms many options. Paypal does not work

Works almost 100% with forms many options. Paypal does not work.
IE 9/10 not supported.
Response by jgarcia on at
Hey, do you mind clarifying on what you mean that Paypal will not work? I've tested this on the most recent version and had no issues, and I outlined the process here:

Everything seems to be functioning to me!
Review posted by Powerhousedynamics on at

Great product bundled with data display

It took me a while because I'm an XML newbie, but the documentations and examples made it possible for me to create a dealer form, and display a list of dealers and a different display of a single dealer in two different parts of the site, and let my client edit the dealer info.

A critical part of the site spec was made possible by this add-on.
Review posted by webinter on at

Wonderful update!

I bought Data Display and Advanced some half year ago, and I got stuck with it when I wanted to develop a models database for a client. Now I need to build a project management tool for my own team and I updated my plugins to this latest version. I am impressed. The interface is very clean, the extra options work smooth. It is one of the best plug-ins I bought so far and it has enormous potential. I didn't find a similar idea in other CMS systems.
Thank you for the update!
Review posted by Empraxis on at

Adding to the chorus

Having worked with Justin's add-on here, I couldn't agree more with the accolades he's getting. The $95 price is insignificant compared to the power of features he's incorporated in this sweet form maker. Development like his sets the bar pretty high for others, and should be the standard to which other add-ons are compared.

As an aside, don't hesitate getting the discounted bundle with the database, you'll need it if you're dealing with a sizable number of records.
Review posted by webinstinct on at

It does not get better than this. Period.

Hey all. This is as good as it gets. Absolutely should be wrapped into the core. From the vision of how it can run, to execution, ease of use, on and on and on. I can't say enough about this. I have written a few packages myself and I hope to one day write anything close to this good. It's outstanding in every way. Buy it.
Review posted by AbeAnders on at


This add-on should be core. It is so good, and combined with Data Display is mind-bogglingly effective. A bit confusing, but watch sixeightmedia's videos on youtube. Can't say enough good.
Review posted by clintre on at

Power users, this is the form to use

I had to get this for a non-profit that I am working as CIO/CTO of and needed something that would be very flexible since I will have hundreds of sub-communities with many editors. Combining this and the sibling Data add-on it gives you a lot of power. Really impressed!!

Also very impressed with the support. I bought this right when it was released for 5.5.x and it had some small issues. However response was fast. Having worked with C5 for a while I know the pain, due to some of the changes in the 5.5 branch.

Really there are only a few things that I am missing...

Would be nice to have the hidden fields be able to pull in attributes or even int the drop downs. Would be nice to be able to section off different parts of the form. Obviously ways to get around it.

However nothing that would make me not give it 5 stars.
Review posted by gisa on at

Nice form

This is very nice form any one can use it without a problem.
Review posted by bryanpuredesire on at

Worth the cost

Easy to use and fast to setup. The dashboard interface is by far the best I've see so far. Everything works as advertised. If you are collecting and publishing data the data display add on makes this app even more worthwhile
Review posted by jolson on at

Advanced Forms and Data Display

Installed these packages yesterday and found them both to be remarkable! I can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours. Well done!
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Flexible and Very Helpful

At first I was skeptical about this add-on. 95 bucks for a form add-on. The one that comes in the core is free.... BUT, This add-on is very flexible and saves a tremendous amount of time. It's not just a form add-on, its so much more!

jgarcia is great with support if you need any help.

I highly recommend this product! 5 Stars from me! Keep up the great work! $95 bucks well spent!
Review posted by Mnkras on at

By far the best addon in the Marketplace

This addon exceded all of my expectations, it is in my opinion the best addon in the marketplace!
Review posted by tallacman on at

The Bugatti Veyron of Forms

Simply the best!
Review posted by circ on at

Amazing Add-on

Needed a good package to rapidly develop more robust forms for a new site, and opted for this package instead of developing custom forms where necessary.

This package turned out to be waaaaay better than expected. Was hoping for a good add-on, thinking I'd probably have to customize a lot of it myself. Nope. Literally came with everything needed.
Review posted by chrispletz on at

so flexible and perfect with data display block for a highly integrated content management

create your form, and from it (or the dashboard) add entries to it, get notified if someone adds it... and with the data display block, display the content, the way you want, where you want on the website...
easy to tweak (custom css) easy to put in place, nothing much to say about it
Review posted by russellglee1 on at

Pros and cons . . .

This add-on provides a powerful platform for a variety of uses -- however, it does require a certain level of technical experience and knowledge (or improved documentation) to unlock the potential for entry level users. A community knowledge base, including participation of more advanced users answering basic questions, providing examples of form uses, sample CSS, etc., would be helpful for beginning users (and probably take pressure off of Justin to address the big questions). As documentation and support is improved this may well become a 5+ add-on.
Response by jgarcia on at
I really appreciate the updated review Russell! As we talked about, I really am striving to make this not only the best add-on of its kind, but to provide the best support as well (though that can be tricky at times). I'm glad you were able to get everything working like you needed to!
Review posted by hursey013 on at


I can echo what the other before me have said - the advanced forms/data display combo can accomplish just about anything you throw at it - very flexible. There was obviously a ton of attention to the small details, and the code behind the scene is well thought out and of high quality.
Review posted by pkunzipula on at


What CAN'T you do with Advanced Forms and Data Display 2 since the addition of a WYSIWYG editor, full control of the CSS, and the ability to edit in place? Concrete5 and blocks like these are the reason my school's administrators have commandeered our website and aren't afraid of technology anymore.

Thank you Justin!
Review posted by jstrong on at


Advanced Forms and Data Display are hands down the most useful add-ons I've purchased from the marketplace. The author is also very response to questions and has really thought through how these packages integrate, and what features are necessary.

Great, great great! -J
Review posted by xs2 on at

on the way...

xs2 be the best form generator for c5. Especially in combination with data display it is like a cms inside the cms.

I am using it for all kind of data records like: news, projects, addresslists, etc.

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