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Advanced Page List - Page List Layouts

What is Advanced Page List?

APL is a custom block that extends the page list block allowing for more unique options when creating page lists.

We have simplified the process of adding more versatile page lists to concrete5 websites. Expanding upon the ease of use that concrete5 offers with on the fly layouts and drag and drop content management, we understand the importance of having more control over creating lists of pages on your website.

Why Is the Advanced Page List so Useful?

Now you no longer have to rely on block templates to create a simple subpage list.

  • Want to include Images – No Problem
  • Want to Use an Excerpt from the Page Content – You Bet
  • Need 3 column layout – We have options

For example, you can list your services with an image and custom description in a clean 3 column layout with control over each aspect of your page list including the image size, layout, content length and more without having to rely on custom templates.


You now have the option to display your page list in a number of layouts that are not theme dependant including the all too important unordered list as well as 1,2,3,4 & 6 column layouts.


  • Choose between displaying the page content or description, both with truncate options.
  • Add a custom ‘read more’ text link.
  • Select the page list title markup to fit your needs. You now have options other than h3 headings when adding a page list block.

Image Options

  • Add images to specific page list blocks with control over the image alignment and resizing on a block by block basis.
    • Show Thumbnail
    • Image Dimensions
    • Crop Thumbnail
    • Thumbnail Alignment

Page Meta

  • Include optional page meta within a given page list including author and public date, as well as an optional event location page attribute.
  • You also have full control over the surrounding page meta text (For example – Posted by Author Name on Page Date in Seattle, WA,)

Blog Specific Options

  • Show add comments link.
  • Show Parent Page / Category Link with optional heading such as ‘Filed Under:’

Unlimited Potential

With a solid foundation of options we have created the Advanced Page List block so that designers and developers alike can simply focus on custom styling while limiting the need for additional programming just to create a specific type of page list.

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