Configuring this package is quite simple. This is what you need to do:

  • First install the add-on under dashboard > extend > install.
  • Now visit dashboard > system > permissions > antispam.
  • Under 'Active Library', select 'Akismetty'. Now click 'save'.
  • Next fill in your api key. You need to obtain an api-key from Akismet. If you don't have one yet you can create an account in order to get one.
  • If you want to log every api call then you can check the box 'Log api calls'. You can see these logs under dashboard > reports > logs.
  • You can enable test mode by checking the box 'Use test mode'. This will tell Akismet that the content being submitted can be ignored. This is good when you are developing your website and it is not live yet.
  • You can disable ssl verification for the api calls but this is not recommended. Do this only during development if you are experiencing problems with your ssl certificate.
  • Click 'save' again to save these settings.

You are now set to go. Checking for spam is done automatically by your Concrete5 website whenever a user submits a form for the form block, the express form block, the conversation form block and for private messages to other users. Under dashboard > conversations > messages you can flag messages as spam by clicking on a message and then clicking 'flag as spam' in the context menu that appears.