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Review posted by tracyb on at

User Import - THANK YOU!

I cannot thank you enough for creating this add-on. I have been waiting for this and the export of members add-on. This add-on works wonderfully. I will be purchasing the download members add-on. Thank you for a great add-on.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by katalysis on at

An excellent Add On

This Add On solves an important problem and does it really well.

The import/mapping of user attributes is well thought out. The validation/live import sequence is really useful for the often complicated task of matching different field types.

Highly recommended.
Review posted by geotex on at

User Import

Once set up, this add-on is easy to use and really saves a lot of time. I use it with the All In export add-on, they make a powerful combination. The only reason for not having five stars is that both a user name and an email field are required to upload users. If you are moving a large number of users from some other CMS or custom setup, a user name satisfying the requirements of Concrete 5 may not be available. It would be very useful to have an auto-fill routine to assign a random unique name that the user can change when they log in.

Overall, both add-ons display nice, are easy to use and testing shows good upload of ALL the attributes you might have set up for users, both standard and custom. I also particularly like the ability to designate user groups at the upload time.

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