Special offers

Professional Website

Bitter Theme + UI Bundle. Everything you need for a nice looking website. Get the special offer for just $100 and safe $250.

Professional Shop

Bitter Theme + UI Bundle + Bitter Shop System + PDF Designer. Everything you need for a nice looking shop. Get the special offer for just $290 and safe $355.


This extension is part of the UI Bundle. The UI Bundle is a collection of various high quality enhancements that enable you to put your page in the limelight. Save a lot of money and decide to buy this extension along with 9 more for just $40 extra.

The UI bundle consists of the following components:

  1. Image Carousel
  2. Portfolio Grid
  3. Progressbar
  4. Accordion Pro
  5. App Icon
  6. Counter Up
  7. Glossary List
  8. Smart Banner
  9. Responsive Image
  10. Panorama Viewer

Click on the name of the extension to go to the respective product page.

Each extension would cost $35 individually. When you buy the UI package, you get licenses for all 10 extensions at a heavily discounted package price of just $75. The regular retail price would be $350 if you would buy all the extensions individually. Click here to purchase the UI Bundle.

If you are also looking for a theme, you can seize the opportunity and purchase the Bitter Theme. The Bitter Theme is also available as a special offer for just $100 along with the UI Bundle. Click on this link.

The special feature of the Bitter Theme is that, if you have the extensions from the UI Bundle installed, the sample content with the extensions listed above will automatically be installed. Thus, your page looks just like the demo page and you have a good base to edit your page.