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Review posted by vergstar on at

Exactly what we needed Simple solution.

We were very pleased with this solution. We had a request from our customer to get plugged in with and did not have the time to put a solution together and turned to the marketplace and was pleasantly surprised to find just the right add-on.

As with many installs you can have a glitch or two and we only had one small glitch and we posted a support request. Within hours we were contacted by the developer and we found we had to just upgrade to the next version for our needs. The upgrade went smoothly and we highly recommend the plugin for your simple needs.

It is has just the right customization options and you will find it pretty straightforward on par with the best concrete5 plugins. For our case we are using the form to accept bill payments for a small service company with a network of rental equipment as well. This allowed us to connect to their payment account and allow the payee to enter the amount they need to pay and handle the transaction with one simple submit. It is an elegant solution.

Thanks for the support and great work at a value price!

Before 2.1

Review posted by clocktower on at

Exactly what we needed, GREAT support

Several of our clients use donations as a means of driving their business. Many of those customers are transitioning into Concrete5, and needed a simple, customizable way to integrate donatiosn with this system.

This add-on does it, and it does it right.

The interface is intuitive, there are many flexible options, and as bcarvahlo said, the only issues we have ever had have been from or the client's ADN accout itself. The add-on has been functioning perfectly ever since installation (which was flawless and easy).

When we did have an ADN account issue, and hadn't tracked it down yet, Webinstinct was quick to respond to support requests, very accommodating, and also very patient with us as we became a little stressed during the resolution process. We feel very well-treated. Once they were on the job, it took no more than a few hours for the issue to be tracked down and fixed so the client could take donations again.

We totally recommend this add-on if you need donations to process through on your concrete5 site.
Review posted by bcarvalho on at

Wonderful Add-On

bcarvalho add-on is excellent. It's simple, does the job, and support is excellent.

Be aware that you have to have an account for it to work. All this add-on does is provide an "out of the box ready" bridge between your website and your existing account. The only problems I've had have been with itself, never with this add-on.

You configure the add-on in dashboard, get an SSL certificate for your page (from your preferred source), and add this block to your page. Voila!

FYI – We use it for the giving page of our church.
Review posted by WebStudioEast on at

Works exactly as advertised.

Great add-on at a great price. It works perfectly and it's well thought out. I am using it for clients to make payments and it got me up and running in just a few minutes. Thanks!
Response by webinstinct on at
Thanks Crush! Glad you like it!

2.1 - 1.0

Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great AddOn

Great addon for a quick integration. Rather than go through a manual integration which can take some time, this addon allows for a quick integration for a single product. Saving time equals saving money!!
Response by webinstinct on at
Thank you so much for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the add-on!

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