Step One

Add the block to your page. Under the tab Typed Text, list the typed text you wish to display on your block as separate lines. 

Paragraph or heading styling will come from the template, but inline styles and links can be applied to your text here. 

To add a pause within typing, add a ^ symbol followed by a number of milliseconds, e.g. ^1000, 

Step Two

Under the Template tab, configure any additional text to display with your typed text. The text can go before, after or surrounding your Typed Text. 

Place {t} where you wish your typed text to display.

Styling as a Heading or a Paragraph can be done here, as well as other styling.

Step Three

Under the Display options tab, configure the animation of your Typed text.

Set the following:

Typing Speed: speed in ms that each character is typed

Start Delay: time before typing starts in milliseconds

Check the options you wish to apply:

Loop the typed text

Shuffle typed text

Display the cursor as the text types

Choose Backspacing or Fade Out Effect

If Backspacing set the following:

Back Speed: backspacing speed in milliseconds

Back Delay: time before backspacing in milliseconds

Check if required:

Smart Backspace: only backspace what doesn't match the previous typed text

If Fade Out set the following:

Fade Out Time: time before next text starts in milliseconds

Fade Out Speed: the time to fade the text in milliseconds

For example, if 4000 is set of the Fade Out Time, and 1000 is set for the Fade Out Speed, text will be typed, then there will a pause of 3 seconds, then a fade out over 1 second, before the next text begins to type.