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Review posted by stoneandmore on at

Quick and Easy

Searched for some html code but the addon is much easier
Review posted by SMARTdesigns on at


This Add-on cannot be missing on any project.
Review posted by adamc73 on at


When something is as easy as this and works there's not really much else to say.
Excellent add-on.
Review posted by b3rn475 on at

It Just Works

It's wonderful. It just do what it is meant to do.
No fancy settings.
You install it and it works.
Review posted by imJack on at

Standard for all my sites

I load this with all my sites unless my clients are familiar with the do's and don'ts of the web.
Will continue to use it.
Review posted by Steevb on at

Great Add on

I Use this add-on on sites by default. So easy, clients emails are done without them knowing. Saves me having to do it for them!
Review posted by cursal on at

Thank you!

Quick and easy solution to what has been and maybe always will be an issue with open emails online.

Great protection at a Fabulous Price!
Review posted by wormracer08 on at


Echoing all the great reviews below. Simple and effective. Thanks!
Review posted by imJack on at


Need I say more? No more using a generator to obfuscate them... and I don't have to worry about clients openly posting one on their site.
Review posted by glockops on at

Must have.

This is an amazing add-on that is a must have for any site. Literally install it and forget it - all emails are protected.

An absolute must for any type of staff/employee directory.
Review posted by adajad on at

Can't get any easier

Seriously?! Why not install it? It's totally unobtrusive and transparent and will definitely guard you against most of the harvesters out there.

There is no reason you shouldn't install this.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

Great Add-on

A must-have for everyone.
Review posted by MysteriousCleon on at

Nice thing.

Once install and you are protected. Most simple way to protect all e-mails all over the website. Totally user friendly.
Review posted by russgrue on at

Really helpful add-on.

This is a fantastic add-on it's worked for email addresses both in blocks and embedded in the theme. I even reversed some of the additional steps I taken to secure email addresses and solely rely upon this add-on. Highly Recommended!
Review posted by Abs0lute on at

A must have!

I love this add-on. Set it and forget it.
Works great and is hassle free.
I might note thought that you need to view page source to see it in action. Don't use Firebug or anything like that. Just use plain View Source and you'll see the obfuscation.
Also, I'm in the habit of always typing email addressses to have the special character @ rather than @ (same thing, the first is the special character). If you do this, IE 6-8 will show the entire link, so don't do that, just use @ and let this add-on work its wonderful magic.
Review posted by leumas818 on at

Works great!

This app is a must have! It allows me to protect the email addresses on my site with ease. Thank you so much for making it!
Review posted by witwag on at


This is THE email obfuscator I was looking for. Upload, install through the dahsboard and voila. It works. All pages are now obfuscated. What to say ? This is perfect.
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at

"Set and Forget" in Perfection!

Well done for this add-on. The hook for the "on_page_view" is excatly what I wanted to do in my "Transparent Email Obfuscation" add-on. Just didn't how to do this :-)
Think I might use your solution instead of mine in the future. (Maybe with the RTL obfuscation method though)
So thanks again for your great work!
Response by Mainio on at
Thanks for the review. The package has been updated to also include this method. Just update the package and check the updated documentation for how to change the obfuscation method.
Antti / Mainio

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