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Review posted by s2d on at

Never imagined I would need this...

...but when I did, it was a real life-saver! Many thanks!
Review posted by slarcher on at

Doesn't work - works fine!


I forgot 1 step which is important. If you have the same issue, remember to add the
custom template "Exclude Subpages" to the Auto-Nav block. As a second step you need then also check the Attribute.

Great work. Works like a charm!

Response by jordanlev on at
I'm sorry this isn't working, and will be happy to help you fix it. Please note that this is not the appropriate place to ask support-related questions though -- can you please post this to the support forum (and provide the "environment" info that it asks for when you post the question):

Review posted by stuball on at

Solves a perplexing problem

I agree that this should be in the C5 core. Great add-on. Thank you!
Response by jordanlev on at
Thanks. I submitted it as an update to the core. Andrew has said that it will probably be included in 5.5.3 (which will possibly be released in a few months, no sooner).
Review posted by PassionForCreative on at

Excellent Add-on

Excellent add-on from a great member of the Concrete5 community. Works perfectly and is an essential now for me.
Review posted by JesperDK on at

So easy!

Works perfectly!

Just copied the exclude_subpages.php into my /blocks/autonav/ folder so I could use it directly in my php template. Took 24 seconds (roughly) and worked in first attempt!

Thank you
Review posted by ChrisWatterston on at

Works like a charm!!

This fixes the auto-nav issue like a charm...quickly and easily too!!
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Great Add on

easy to use!
Review posted by pdaonline on at


This worked great. Nice quick solution to the problem I had with sub pages showing under a hidden page.
Review posted by fjhadd on at

Great Add On

This should be added to the core!!!!
Review posted by mashups on at

works fine

good addon, excellent support!

Review posted by osu on at

Excellent work

Nice add-on - was looking for a way to exclude products that appeared automatically below my 'category' pages using the eCommerce package. This sorted it in 2 seconds.

Thanks Jordan!
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Addon

id been trying to make this for myself but with no luck. really easy to user, configure, etc. great quality as always.

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