Version History


* Fixed "Show package updates count", which wouldn't show in some environments;
* CSS fixes for concrete5 version 8.2.x (since a few CSS changes have been made inside the core, which have to be overruled);


* Google Chrome fix for aligning blocks side-by-side in the "Blocks" panel;
* Fixed when "Enable Toolbar Titles" is checked, text will fit in properly (configured here: Dashboard | System & Settings | Basics | Accessibility);


* Fixed: themes partially working when concrete5 was placed in a sub-directory;


* Changed error message when 'application/themes' isn't writable (or is non-existent);
* Fixed: themes not working when concrete5 was placed in a sub-directory;


* Added Dutch translation;
* File selector and "nav-pills" still had some round corners (border-radius);
* Fixed: menu triangle sometimes showed up a bit too low (CSS issue);


* If the "Customize Editing Interface" Add-On is installed and "Custom Settings" are enabled, do not expand the "Add Block" items;

* Replaced "include" PHP function in header.php file with "$this->inc()" (default theme function), pointing towards the relative path of the to be included (header) file;


* Initial Release