Developer information

Grid Framework

Are you using an old(er) version of the Foundation framework? By default, Foudation 6 is the standard. Let’s say you have the Foundation 5 framework though, how can you let the Add-On know that? Simple, go to your page_theme.php file. In this class, make a function called “getThemeGridFrameworkAwesomeTabs”, like so:

public function getThemeGridFrameworkAwesomeTabs(){
     return 'foundation5';

As you can see, it returns a string, letting the Add-On know what framework you are using for this theme. In case you have a different framework, you can use this function as well. However,the used grid framework for your theme, defined with the variable $pThemeGridFrameworkHandle in this same file, will be extracted and the class (base) name will serve as the value. So if you have defined bootstrap4 as your $pThemeGridFrameworkHandle, you don’t need to create the function in your theme. Same goes if you use a “myCssFramework” framework (class) and want to return the very same string. Only create the function if it differs from the framework class name. This is the case for Foundation, since there isn’t a version number in it by default for this framework.