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Review posted by 3hawk on at

Absolutely great

Couldn't be easier to use, does exactly what you hope for. Once I removed some of my own CSS that interfered with it, everything was perfect. Kudos - well worth the price.
Review posted by mediapowder on at

Nice one...

Works fine and it's easy to use. Good Job, thanks a lot.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great add-on

Easy to use. Great time saver allowing different backgrounds on particular pages all in a few minutes.
Review posted by Yola on at

background solved

Perfect add-on for fitting backgrounds. Child's play to use, and I love the fact that I can have different backgrounds for different pages, or none, whatever fits the page best.

Use it with most recent version of C5.
Review posted by hostco on at

Nice addon

Does exactly what it says. Nice time saver.

It needs to be noted that it works great with Concrete5 5.5 and higher.
Review posted by nige on at

Excellent block

This is a great block and if you use it properly it can really add a lot of oomph to your site. By using it properly I mean design the background image so it doesn't detract or clash with your content.

Use it with transparent pngs as well. Very good money well spent.

Review posted by rritz on at

great block

this solved my problems with getting the backgroung image just right.
I encountered one problem though, when I used it with the splash theme, the backstretch block showed up even when I logged out of the site. Don´t know if this is rather a splash theme prob or a block prob
I didn´t report it or write for support as the landing page didn´t look good anyway. Anyway I love this block
Response by hereNT on at
I think there might be an old copy of the block in the marketplace, this is supposed to check for edit mode and only show the grey block if you are in edit mode. I'm not sure why it would be broken, it was working when I submitted to the marketplace...

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