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Review posted by tallacman on at

Cost of Backup Voodoo - $35. Cost of Peace of Mind - Priceless


Im working on a third party site at Dreamhost. Downloading the entire site yesterday took me 5 hours and had errors. After installing Backup Voodoo I backed up the entire site in 4 minutes and downloaded it in another 60 seconds.

On my local machine the decompressed files created an exact clone of the online site on which to work.

This block is an easy choice for any website.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by Lilyfanatic on at

Backing up

"My site has been running very well on a shared hosting plan, but with all the eCommerce products and orders it had grown too big for the built in cocnrete5 backup. It had even grown too big for my web host control panel to complete a database backup or zip up the files. So like most of you I'm sure, running backups was a job that should be done, but seldom was, great if your site does not crash, but a real pain if it does! Backup Voodoo has provided a solution that not only works but works better, reliably and easily backing up database and files."

1.0.2 -

Review posted by PhilYoung on at

Superb Add-on

I have one website with 800+ pages and getting the internal C5 backup to run had become a nightmare. I also had problems with phpmyadmin backups too. Backup Voodoo ran flawlessly and I am now fully backed up on a mission critical web site. A great add-on.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Best way to backup or move a site

And great support too.

1.0.3 -

Review posted by emsconcrete on at

Easy and fast

I used Backup Voodoo on a client's site - almost 700MB. It took less than 2 minutes to fully back up everything (and I mean everything) including concrete files and database.

I only had a problem initially because my server timed out, and it was resolved by John's advice to increase the number of file passes under the Custom settings (some great options in there!). By the way, John's support and response time are amazing (I've used other addons by him and he goes above and beyond).

Backups for any site is imperative, and this addon makes it an enjoyable process.
Review posted by Adreco on at

Crazy easy!

Wow... No timing out trying to back up!
Very Fast, Very Easy. Allowed me to totally clone a site with no errors so fast I'm stunned. A new favorite Add-on in my tool box :)

1.0.5 -

Review posted by bjalexander on at

Don't delay. Just buy it, install it and use it.

This is simply a flawless, essential addition to any site. The backups are SO fast. And, even better, the support is second-to-none. I had an issue of my own making and it was resolved quickly and painlessly. Really, this is one that deserves 6 stars.

1.0.7 -

Review posted by deoldphart on at

Nice piece of kit for peace of mind

I'm from the old school where backups went on magtapes, well before the web, but I need backups to sleep easy. However I am new to web development and my most immediate task was to move a c5 site from one hoster to another. I feared hours spent in front of the screen trying to interpret cryptic errors. With Backup Voodoo my fears disappeared. I did a complete backup of existing site and downloaded. Following the clear instructions I cloned the site on the new hoster. Piece of cake! Only thing that took any time was ftp-ing it all back to the new site. Couple hours later the new site was up and running. Took me longer to get all the domains pointing in the right direction.

Oh, and I'll be using this for regular backups as well. I haven't seen anything faster or easier.

2.0 -

Review posted by juddc on at


Does what it says. Quick too. Would recommend.
Review posted by maar on at

A few mouse clicks, and vupit - the backup is done

As always, John has produced a very complicated piece of software and still makes it very easy to use.
I heard the phrase "Real men does not do backup". But who wants to be a real man when you just lost your website. So be a good thinking man and buy this add-on as fast as you can.

Concrete5 Denmark has don the translation to danish - so for danish men, just get it now.

2.2.1 -

Review posted by scdesign on at

Awesome tool

One of my clients sites has grown to a bit of a monster, so much that the C5 backup would always timeout. This beauty of an add-on solved the problem. For the price, it's a must have... thank you!

2.3.3 -

Review posted by majorius on at

just great

I think that for 35$ value the ease of use that you get is just great.
Sometimes it took 5-6 hours to backup and restore (considering little mistakes that can happen from some addons), sometimes restoring is hell.
But now it takes about 5 minutes.
Review posted by DustyStrings on at

Support is above and beyond

Not only is the documentation clear and incredibly detailed, but John is also unbelievably nice and helpful. The issues I had were on the server end and he could very easily have sent me off to figure it out on my own, since his add-on was working fine. But he very kindly helped me fix all my problems, and Backup Voodoo is doing everything I had hoped it would. It's easy to use and easy to understand for a non-developer like me and I feel a lovely sense of security that I did not have before.
Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Simply brilliant and sooooooooo easy to use

I must admit I was a apprehensive when I first looked at the add-on documentation, but my god is that documentation good and so easy understand as well. One of the few developers that writes documentation for people who aren't developers at last - thanks, you don't know what a Godsend that is lol!

However, still feeling a little unsure of myself, John put me completely at ease and talked me through it.

Thanks bud, you're a top, top developer and this is a magnificent add-on, just a shame I can't give you any more than 5 stars lol.

2.3.4 -

Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Works for most cases, i did have many parse errors.

Did not ever use this properly, without errors. No support or reaction on PM!?
Response by JohntheFish on at
I have responded promptly to every support post and have asked questions to try and get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, I have received no cooperation efforts to diagnose the random compilation problems reported and whether they arise from Backup Voodoo or underlying issues with the host environment. This review unfortunately says more about the reviewer than it does about my product. -

Review posted by web089 on at

Best tool

This tool is really awesome and saves a lot of time. Luv it.
Review posted by rusty007 on at

Excellent product, clean and reliable

I have nothing but praise for this product. I had taken over a web site that was an add-on to a primary Bluehost account which I could not get admin rights to its cPanel. I needed to migrate the site to a new host without full access to the files and database, but I had admin rights to the C5 interface for web updates. It archives both the complete mySQL database and the files you need to migrate (excluding things like caches). You then download the files to migrate across using standard C5 migration. The add-on is professionally designed and is easy to follow once you orient yourself to its interface. There are lots of tweaks for the power user but I found the Easy Start was all I needed. Even if you have FTP access, I found the add-on was quicker. If you do a manual upload of the add-on via FTP, just make sure you add it to the site you wish to migrate and not the new empty account like I did! (Similar naming conventions was a mistake). I've used similar add-ons in WP that weren't clean, but no issues with this product and support is good. Don't hesitate if this is what you what you are looking for. Just wished I'd purchased it months earlier. -

Review posted by web089 on at

Love it! Runs now with on PHP 7.xx

I can really recommend this tool. It saves a lot of time. Use it on different sites on PHP 7.xx with C5 / And the support is perfect.

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