Is v5.7 compatibility planned?

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Hi, I'm sure this has been asked (although Search didn't find a thread on this). Product looks good. Any plans for v5.7 compatibility?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Once more 5.7 core documentation is in place and 5.7 gains a worthwhile user base, Backup Voodoo is high on my list of addons to port to 5.7.

However, before porting I need to know what the core backup package will do. At the moment, core backup is just a placeholder in the 5.7 dashboard, so no-one has any idea of what the core backup will provide.

In the past the core team have subsumed functionality similar to popular addons into the core and I wouldn't want to put a whole lot of effort into porting Backup Voodoo only to discover the next 5.7 release already did some of that or completely cut my market from under me.

I will also need to be using 5.7 for my own customer projects. At the moment 5.7 is just too buggy and I will be starting new customer projects on 5.6 for a while yet. Once I actually have a need for Backup Voodoo on a 5.7 project of my own, then I will have a bigger reason to port it.

So, to summarise the preconditions before porting Backup Voodoo to 5.7:
- Developer documentation for 5.7 is much closer to completion.
- The functionality of what backup will be provided by the core becomes clear.
- 5.7 gains a worthwhile user base beyond relatively static brochure sites.
- 5.7 stabilises to the point that it is good enough to use for my own customer projects.
chm replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. I did notice the C5 folks have not implemented database backup yet. 8-0 Obviously no porting can be done ’til they have that in place!

FWIW we’re using 5.7 for client projects. Not too buggy so far...

Anyway sounds like a good plan; thanks for your reply. cheers

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