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Hi there,

Re' attached screenshot; quick question, ...is there any difference between the database files on the Review backup, in the Database List and the Files List? Are the database files in the Files List just the same as the ones in the Database List and can the files in the Files List be ignored when it comes to restoring the site?

Hope that makes sense lol?



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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As long as the backup is configured to include the database with the files, everything you need is in the files list. The database files are still listed separately for convenience, but there is no difference. They are the same files.

All database backup .sql files will be either packed into the zip or, if 'too big', noted separately in the files list.

My usual quick clone process is to download and unpack thezip(s), download into place any other files in the files list, hack config.site to point to the local database, then use phpMyAdmin to import the backup sql from where they are unpacked in /files/backups/voodoo/....
thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey John, thanks again for the reply.

I thought that's what you would say, but thought it was just worth double-checking.

Cheers bud

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