Getting Started

This add-on requires a Beanstream account and the free, Vivid "Store" eCommerce Add-on. If you require a Beanstream account, you can apply for them here. (Channel Partner link with the lowest possible sign up rates)

Installing the Beanstream Payment Gateway is very simple and should only take a few minutes to get setup.

1. Login to your site as an administrator and ensure you have Vivid's "Store" package installed.

2. Unzip this file in your site's packages/ directory or download and install through the Extend Concrete5 feature in your dashboard.

3. Find the "Add Functionality" page in your dashboard.

4. Find this package in the list of packages awaiting installation.

5. Click the "install" button.

That will install the package to use on your site. Now to configure the gateway to be used on your site, we move to the settings under the Store item in your dashboard:

1. In the Store dashboard, click on Payments. You should see a section for "Beanstream" if everything is installed correctly.

2. Set the package to enabled.

3. Choose a display name. You can leave it as "Beanstream" if you're only usng this method and nothing will show during checkout. This name is only used if multiple methods are enabled.

4. Input your merchant ID. You can find this number on the top right of your screen when logged into your account.

5. You can ask Beanstream for a testing or sandbox account. This will come with it's own mechant ID that can be entered here.

6. If you have CCV enabled in your Beanstream dashboard, you'll need to enable it here as well. Highly recommended to prevent credit card fraud and potential chargebacks.

7. Account mode can be used to toggle between live and test accounts. When set to Test Mode, the card number will be replaced with a drop down that includes Beanstream's test card numbers for approved and declined transaction testing.

8. Set the validation mode you have chosen in your Beanstream account dashboard.

9. Transaction Type can be set to PreAuth or Purchase. Preauth would be used when you want to manually complete  the transaction in your Beanstream account later on. Purchase is used to charge the card immediately upon order placement.

10. Hash Validation needs to be completed if this method of validation is chosen. The information can be copied and pasted from your Beanstream account dashboard.

11. If you choose Password validaton, then that information is entered here.