Version History

Always update Magic Data and Magic Data Symbols before updating Black Magic Data.

1.9 - php7 compatibility

1.7.1 -Extended user/group symbols ADD_USER_TO_GROUP and REMOVE_USER_FROM_GROUP to add/remove any user.

1.7 - New symbol permissions and API allowing Magic Data to communicate between sites.

1.6.1 - Fix issue in AS_FILESET_FOR_UID symbol where no user is logged in.

1.6 - New symbols for creating and writing to files and for building and sending emails.

1.5 - New symbols to evaluate symbols and fill tokens in text. For example, fill [%tokens%] embedded in a text attribute.

1.4 - New symbols to add content to pages and approve edited pages.

1.3 - Additional symbols for user filesets

1.2 - New symbols for persistent memories in a user's session.

1.1 - Symbols to create pages

1.0 - Initial release.