Version History


Fixed: Now in generated block, when image thumbnail is smaller than constraints, we use original url instead from cache



Fixed: Check if file exists in repeatable entries when editing block

Fixed: Disappearing entries when changing block template

Fixed: Removed duplicated .js-entry-title

Field type "Textarea" has option "Use this field as title in repeatable entries" available now



Marketplace release



Replaced php array() with [] in all files

Replaced $_GET with $this->get()

Added ability to use _ in field handles

Changed code formatting a little in generated view.php (bigger gaps)

External link field type - added select field with protocols in generated form.php

db.xml will now not generate unnecessary fields/rows in repeatable entries, when appropriate options during block creation were not checked

Few minor bugfixes/code formatting fixes

Improved documentation



Added maxlength to some inputs to prevent errors in STRICT_MODE, when string was too long

Better ui for blocks put in composer

Fixes/changes required for marketplace + some class refactoring + remove deprecated/unnecessary code

Increased min. version to c5.8.2.1



Submission to marketplace