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Hi, I'm pretty sure that I need this add-on to make my C5 do everything I want.. much like ACF for Wordpress (I'm a WP developer just starting my first C5 project). Does that sound about right?

My question is regarding the license. I'll be working locally, setting up a staging site - and of course the live site eventually. So one website but three different URLs and databases. At least 2 (if not all 3) will be required to functional at the same time during development. Will one license be okay for this?


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Simon,

Concrete5 is all about Blocks, so if the standard/default Blocks are not fitting your needs and you can not find the desired Block(s) in the marketplace, this is the Add-On you will need. ACF for WordPress is much like this indeed.

If you will be using this on 3 different websites/installs, you will be needing 3 different licenses. If you only use it on one website/install, you only need 1. You can not use 1 license on multiple websites/installs. Same goes for every other Add-On in the marketplace.

Of course I can give you discounts when buying more than 1 license. You can contact me for that. Let me know your company details as well (for the invoice, I can't charge 0% for individuals). You can use the form on my website ( or send me an email if you'd like.

If you still have questions, let me know.

Kind regards,

simonseddon replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ramon,

Thanks for the reply. That's quite useful. For the design's requirements I'll need Block Designer + Block Designer Pro ($90 per install). This is fine and I'm looking forward to getting started with it. However I can't justify spending an additional $180 for the localhost and staging sites, which will only be active for 1-2 weeks max. Will your discount cover this? I'd like to get started on localhost ASAP.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Simon,

Those "localhost" sites will be 3 different Live URL's as well, right (as you've said 3 different URL's)? If so, you will need seperate licenses and I can give you a discount of course if you buy them all at once. I can not sell 6 licenses for the price of 2 of course (or 3 for 1), but perhaps you can contact me individually for your situation. I'd be happy to offer you a package deal. Send me a private message here or email me at info[at]devoda[dot]nl

Kind regards,


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