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Hi, I am trying to delete some blocks created with the block designer plugin.
From your instructions I understand, that I am supposed to go to Block Types, click on the block and click delete or remove or uninstall or something like that.
but when I try to do that I do not see the uninstall/remove button? (see image attached)
what can cost that? How can I fix that?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

That's.... very weird! It really should be there. Perhaps you haven't got the rights to do so, you're not logged in as "admin" probably? Can you double check that? If you're a full admin, let me know your version number of concrete5. Perhaps you're not on the latest.

Kind regards,

lutsifer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thank you for your fast response :)
I am using the latest concrete5 version and the latest plugin version.
I will contact the client and ask him for the permissions, I suppose this is the problem.
Thanks :)

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