possibility to use underscores in the fieldname slug

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I'm playing around with the coming migration tool for migrating content from 5.6 to 5.7.
I have a site that uses a lot of custom block content, made by 'designer content' for 5.6.
Those blocks use slug-names like 'field_1_textbox_text'.

In my 5.7 site i've recreated the block with your 'Block Designer'. But i can't use underscores in the slugnames. When trying to import the old content it isn't importing anything.

Is there a possibility to use underscores in the slug names?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

There's a reason Designer Content wouldn't let you name your variables. That has been done on purpose. It adds some difficulties.

I could avoid these difficulties, by disallowing the underscore character, and use it for other things. For example, if you have an image called "image" and you want it to have a link, it will use a slug like "image_link". You can not make this slug for any other field, as underscores are not allowed. If I will be making the underscore available, this functionality can break. The example I gave is just one of many. So, many functionalities can break.

Not sure if there's a possibility for me to add something in to disable/enable underscore usage, and with a note saying "Use at own risk, stuff can break". If you would like such a functionality, I will let you know if it's possible and when it's done. I will have to do a little research first.

Kind regards,

buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ramon,

Thanks for the quick response. I already thought tis wouldn't be possible.
For now i'm gonna add my content for this block in another way.

Maybe i should ask the migration tool developers to add some options for cases like this. I think a lot of site builders have used 'designer content' for there 5.6 sites. It would be a good option to have in the migration-tool to port field handles or so.

Thanks for looking into this.

Regards, Maura
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Maura,

That's a good one. Perhaps that's possible too! If not, let me know. Maybe I can work something out for you.

Numeric characters are also not available in the slug yet, but that's something that can be build in anyways.

Kind regards,


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