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Review posted by Powerhousedynamics on at

Block Wrapper is now part of my everyday toolkit. Great add-on!

I had the Fancybox image link add-on, but I wanted to add a caption underneath the thumbnail. So I just made stacks and added this extremely simple-to-use Block Wrapper add-on, give a class to the Open div, added my Fancybox link, added a content block with my caption, and added a closing Block Wrapper, and it all worked. Beautiful!
Review posted by roketto on at


Does what I needed it to. Using an HTML block to create your own wrappers messes things up when you're in edit mode. This is much easier. Did the trick!


1.0.1 -

Review posted by 3hawk on at

Super Add-on at a Great Price :-)

A simply great add-on. I can easily create and style a container and add editable blocks. Awesome!

1.2 -

Review posted by jb1 on at

Works like a charm!

I needed this kind of solution recently on one of my sites and it gave me a headache.
But once I tried this Block Wrapper add-on, it only took a few seconds and I could easily wrap several blocks with the same class. Highly recommended and easy to use.
Review posted by 3hawk on at

A must for all my sites!

This gives an amazing amount of freedom in displaying blocks with special styling. Wrapping stacks and blocks in a specially-classed div allows styling options we never had before. An absolute must-have for my websites.
Response by A3020 on at
Thanks! That's nice to hear!

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