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I have a client that is using Blocks by Ajax on their site along with my Socializer addon. They said that everything works except for the Social Share block.

Social share uses JavaScript and iframes (actually it uses the standard share code from various social media). Could the JS/iframes be causing the issue? I thought I'd look for some direction before attempting to create a BBA template that may/may not work.

Thanks in advance.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
When a block loads assets with addHeader/FooterItem(), those assets are loaded with the page rather than delayed.

The most likely scenario is the page loads, the scripts execute and don't find their target DOM, the ajax completes and loads the target DOM, but the scripts have already run and hence nothing happens.

Some alternatives:

Scripts may have an alternative interface where they are initialised/reinitialised explicitly by a call.
a) Put that call in a ready handler in script tags in the DOM that is ajax loaded.
b) Add a handler for the BBAX event in the script file to call the initialization code.
c) Rather than use events, use a polling interface, as per the howto . Also have a look at the BBAX template for the Google Maps block.

d) A completely different approach is to also change the way external scripts are loaded by putting the <script> </script> at the end of the BBAX part of the view (and removing them from the controller's addHeader/FooterItem().

e) Simliar to d, use script in the BBAX view to build the <script> tags.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Dave

Any update on this?

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