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I am looking for an add on that allows me to have a news page displaying about 10 entries that would be the entries for a year. In here I need to be able to have the Image onthe left with the title date, content and a link to the full article in pdf version.

Then I need to have a list view of this on the home page with just title date and a preview of the content.

It seems your add on can help me accomplish this, but I am not sure if the addition of the image will work as needed. It seems that in the feed entry I can select an image, but this image works as a thumbnail for the news list and not as the main image for the news article in the news feed.

Is there a way to accomplish this. Also I am not sure about being able to add a view full article link to download the pdf.

Thank you so much for your help!

I am attaching the design of what I am looking to accomplish :) so you can better understand

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DreamMedia replied on at Permalink Reply

the image you selecting in a feed entry block is the image which shows up in the list view. This doesn't has to be necessarily the image you are using on the actual entry page but you can use the same image of course, so that it matches.
If you use a custom block to build your entry page, you could integrate the feed entry functionality into this block and assign the image to the feed entry automaticly. You can do this by using the FeedEntry model class.
If your entry page is based on an unique page type, the model class provides also a function to create an feed entry on the fly, where you could set, lets say, the first image appearing in the Main area.

In the current version the add-on provides two templates for the list view. A list with and without images but it is made very simple to create own custom templates. So, you can style your list view the way you need by building your own template. In future versions many more templates will follow.

In the current version your pdf download link is not possible but with the next version the feed entry gets another parameter called "data". It is a simple string in which you can store whatever data you need. In your case the download path. This data is then available for the template of the list view where you could use it to provide the download link.

The next version is scheduled to be released in about two weeks.


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