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Hi, I added a button that opens a form in a modal from stack. However, after submitting the form, the page should redirect to 'thank you' page. Instead it gives a 404. Also the form entry is not submitted.

The form had been tested on a 'regular page' and works.

Could you please help me fix this?


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Luca,

Forms do not work in modals unfortunately. Normally not a great idea either, since the form would always submit, even if you didn't enter required fields and then your modal is still closed and you'd have to click again.

I'd suggest doing something with JavaScript instead, but that would require some coding. Like "if submit, do Ajax call to URL [x], get errors back" etc. etc. The default form just always submits and doesn't handle Ajax requests.

Hope that answers your question(s)?

Kind regards,


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