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Firepixel: two thumbs up!

Nice addon & perfect support (!
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Brilliant Add-On

Junior Football Club with 12 teams. How do i get keep 12 league tables and 12 lots of fixtures up to date without spending hours every week updating our club web site. Simple use this fantastic add-on. It pulls the data from the league web site straight into our club site. It takes no time at all to set up and although i needed a bit of help, I got it on the same day and it works amazingly well. Great Job and thanks for the help...
Review posted by dkroy on at

Worked Well

I used this addon to pull a table from another site. It works really well.
Review posted by Vinzent on at

I love it!

I love this add-on!
This was exactly what i needed. It does the job very well. I wonder if it is fast. Because i have super-fast internet so i do not know if an add-on is slowing down my website. But i think it's a very good add-on.
Well done! +1 :D
Response by firepixel on at
Thanks for your comments! It's the speed of your web server that will matter, since that is where the work is done (I tried a javascript based solution but it turned out to be unworkable). If your really worried about speed you can change the cache times in the block's controller file. (I would like to set the cache time by block but don't think this is possible in c5)

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