Business Listing Howto



The package creates a folder in the File Manager called Business Listing. It contains all uploaded images for the package such as business logos, primary and secondary images.

You can uninstall and reinstall the package without loss of database content as many times as required. However, after this all business pages will have to be regenerated.

A Business for listing can only be added through the Dashboard > Business Listing. It cannot be added at the front end by adding a block to a page.

It is recommended to Install Sample Content after the first installation just to familiarize yourself with the functionality, tools and options. It can be deleted later prior to a fresh start of the application.

1. Business Listing > Settings

- Business Listing is structured in a way that there is a Business Listing page (installed by default) which has a Business List block and Business pages which you create in the package, the latter have a Business block and are placed under the Business Listing page.
- Page to Publish Business Pages Under is a parent page of all business pages. It can be changed any time (you can create your own other page or rename the Business Listing one), but all business pages will have to be regenerated to point to the correct parent page.
- Two business page templates are provided: full and right sidebar. All business pages are regenerated with the selected page template.
- Use Random Unique String will append unique character string to the page name for new businesses, e.g. business-page-5e635c9af3fa1. To do this for the existing businesses, pages must be regenerated. If not selected, all pages have a standard date-time string prepended, e.g. 20200203115510-business-page.
- Customize Status Defaults allows to quickly select business with which status to display. If not selected, all statuses will be shown. Otherwise you can select/deselect those which are required. Statuses must be added to the package in Business Listing > Statuses before this option can be used.
- Search and Filter narrows down the location from which business will be displayed. If nothing is selected, all businesses will be shown. If a country is selected, all businesses belonging to that country will be shown. If a state/region or city are selected, then consequently all businesses only from those locations will be displayed.
- Use LocationIQ Map Service provides FREE maps, forward and reverse geocoding and location search as you type services. You have to register at the LocationIQ website to obtain an API token to use the services. Without the token no map will be shown.
- Delete All Business Listing will do just that. ALL business only data will be lost, but categories, statuses and locations will not be affected.
- Delete All Content will do just that. ALL package data will be lost. Good idea after playing around with sample content and prior to making a clean listing site. Or if you want to start from scratch for whatever reason.
- You can Install Sample Content to help you get started with the package. Installing the sample content will create another folder in the File Manager called Business Listing Sample.

2. Business Listing > Categories

- At least one category is required to be created for a business listing.
- Category Icon image is optional but highly recommended as it is used in the Category filter in the Business List block. The icons are set to 40px x 40px in the block.

3. Business Listing > Statuses

- At least one status is required to be created for a business listing.
- When more than one status is created they can be re-arranged so that businesses will be displayed with statuses in the status sorting order, with the sorting priority being from top to bottom, i.e. business with status on the top will be shown as the first ones on the top of the list and so on. To change the status sort order, click and drag them where required.
- Status options provide detail fine tuning of business information to display depending on status. This may well be used depending on the listing payment scale, e.g. an Exclusive status may show everything about the business, a Featured may show some extras, a Standard may show the bare minimum.
- Show Businesses with This Status turns on/off businesses with this selected status in the list block.

4. Business Listing > Locations

- Countries, states/regions, cities, districts, postcodes, subway stations set up here are used throughout the site for businesses search, sort, filter and map.
- Locations are optional.

5. Business Listing

- Business Listing list can be filtered by the Business Name, Unique ID or City. It can also be ordered by the table column names.
- If the Activate/Deactivate button is red, this means that business is disabled and not being shown. To make it visible, press this button, it should turn green. All green businesses are generally shown unless disabled by status.
- If a business was created with an Active Until date and that date has passed, the business will not be displayed in the list and the Extend button will turn red. By pressing the Extend button, the business listing will be extended by 1 month. The Extend button will turn orange 7 days prior to the expiry date to give you a warning of the imminent expiration.

6. Blocks

- The Business List and Business blocks always link to the Business Listing parent page.
- The Main (categories) and Advanced Filter show options are available in the Business Listing > Settings > Block Defaults.
- Two Business List templates are provided: grid (default) and list.
- The Business List block edit form provides options for the number of businesses on a page and the number of columns on a page (for grid view only).


- Press the "Add Business" button for a new business editing.
- Listing Unique ID is optional. If left empty it will be set in accordance with the option Use Random Unique String selected in Settings.
- Category and Listing Status must be created prior to adding a business.
- Business Name, Category, Listing Status, Phone Number and Highlights are mandatory and bare minimum information required for a business listing.
- There are two ways you can find a location and show a pin on the map:
  1. The easiest one is simply click on the map. It will try to obtain the point coordinates and address.
  2. Enter the required address and click Search for Locations. It will try to obtain matching addresses. Then Choose One of Found Locations and will display it on the map.
- The businesses list generally displays a business logo and a main image (depending on the status options). The secondary images can be added and will be shown as a lightbox gallery.
- The Detail Page is where all businesses info with a business block will be displayed - it's created automatically after saving the business. A business page can be deleted and recreated without loss of data.
- Reviews will be listed in a time descending order. You can Refuse some if deemed not needed and later Approve them. You don't have to save the business after refusing/approving a review, it gets changed right away.
- You can edit review text and rating score if required. Edited review can only be saved with saving the business.
- You can delete any review altogether. You don't have to save the business after deleting a review, it gets deleted right away.
- Don't forget to select the Active option prior to saving a business. But you forget to, you can always Activate it in the listing page.


- Only registered users can submit a review with a rating.
- There are a number of restrictions for reviews:
  1. Review text max number of characters = 1000.
  2. Review text max display number of characters = 200, the rest are truncated. Click the Read More link to display the whole text.
  3. All non-admin user submitted reviews are not approved by default, only the site administrator can Approve them in Business Listing > business > Reviews. All admin user reviews are approved by default.
  4. Reviews are not allowed from banned IP addresses.
  5. Reviews are not allowed with banned words. You can enable banned words in System & Settings > Conversations > Banned Words.
  6. To avoid automated robot spam submissions, a review can be submitted once every 60 sec.
  7. Either only a rating can be submitted without review text or the review text must be provided.
- Rating average is calculated after each submitted rating.


- After clicking the "Uninstall Package" button, an option to delete all package content can be selected. All data will be lost.


- Add-on is styled for use with Bootstrap theme.
- Sometimes after numerous business updates, installs, uninstalls and sample content installation:
    - if some businesses turn disabled, press the business Activate/Deactivate button on the Business Listing page to enable them;
    - if some businesses show no published page or if page names or addresses changed or you simply want to go back to defaults, either delete and regenerate the business page in business settings or regenerate all business pages in Business Listing > Settings;
    - if for whatever reason too many businesses are created and need to be removed, either delete all businesses or all content from Business Listing in the Business Listing > Settings.
- Save Settings before regenerating pages for them to take effect. Regenerating pages does not save any settings.
- Global Settings override individual business ones.
- Multilingual support is not provided out of the box and is not included in the package cost. Multilingual setup is possible, however it requires changes in code and can only be provided as paid support.
- All identifiers, i.e. business unique ID, category, status, country, state/region, city, district, postcode, subway station must be unique strings.
- Images used in the package are located in the ab_business_listing/img folder.
- LocationIQ map and geocoding services require API Token which you can obtain after registering at