Version History

2.2 - Many Enhancements


  • Modified theme system to update all blocks using a theme when a theme is modified. Allows for sitewide modifications
  • Added legacy form template for v8 and express form template
  • Font Awesome used is latest at this date v4.7.0
  • Added icon color and icon on hover color. Now it is possible to have text and icon of different colors
  • Fixed a little css alignment problem



2.1 - Several additions

  • Added a new style: Limelight
  • Added the possibility to not include long shadows, glow and wrapper to slim the stylesheet down
  • Fixed some small JS bugs in the theme builder and code generator


2.0.7 - Fixed small CSS problems

  • Dropdown font-size not following button size regeneration
  • Button typographic style sometimes lost on hover, active or focus 

2.0.6 - Fixed file downloads not working in Concrete5 v8 due to changes in core file code

2.0.5 - several bug fixes:

  • submitting a form block from a popup now will work
  • custom styles applied to blocks in stacks will be used
  • bug when saving with a popup dimension left empty is Fixed
  • automatically sets xdebug.max_nesting_level to a high value so LESS processing doesn't fail mid way

2.0.4 - some changes:

  • full PHP7 and Concrete5 v8 compatibility
  • Added a new button style: stitch

2.0.3 - Fixed a small bug with older versions of PHP

2.0.2 - Fixed a few small CSS issues

2.0.1 - Fixed a little typo that was throwing off the generator

2.0 - Many things:

  • added stack and video popup add-on
  • added tooltip & popover add-on
  • added design to put icons on the side of the button and put a box around
  • fixed a few small bugs

1.3.8 - namespaced everything with class name .ccm-page to avoid style clash with themes

1.3.4 - Fixed 2 bugs:

  • a bug prevented the code generator from working when the cache was enabled
  • a bug made the single button's block edit screen not show some of the saved values ($style)

1.3.3 - Modified the package's icon for something better looking

1.3.2 - Fixed little bug in the single button block when selecting a theme with some styles left to default, the override was not showing it

1.3.1 - Modified the block's icons and regrouped the blocks under the same "Buttons Factory Pro" Set with better block names

1.3 - Beefed up the help system a bit

1.2 - Added the possibility to specify 1 radius value per corner when creating shapes, instead of 1 value for all

1.1 - Fixed 2 small bugs:

  • Trying to save empty values in select fields in theme generator would throw an error
  • Selecting a square shape would not affect the sample

1.0 - PRB Approved

0.9 - First submission