Can i use this for User Profiles?

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can i use the blog, and the before/after picture block,
on users member profile pages, so that users can make own blog ??

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C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply

Thank you for your interest in our blog package.

I do not think I understand fully your question. But the C5DK Blog package can't directly control the before/after (TwentyTwenty Image package) image block. The blog package was developed to be able to have multiply blog roots on a site and to make it possible for ordinary users to blog on a site (not necessary to be administrator). This is done by adding users to a user group that is able to create blog pages.

Hopefully this will answer your question...

Concrete5 Danmark
Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Michael,

so every user can do his own blog,
and no other can edit this?
or all from the group can edit ?

2017-03-08 9:39 GMT+01:00 concrete5 Community <[email protected]>:
C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Every blog page created is owned by the blog creator - and only the creator of the blog page can edit his/her own blog pages. But remember that if a blog user is also an administrator of the site, he/she will always be able to edit the page the normal concrete5 way!

Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply
shit, so i have later 1million admins :((

ok sorry, i need a blog for users..
you know one?
or a big user profile block?
greetings.. buschmann

2017-03-08 12:22 GMT+01:00 concrete5 Community <[email protected]>
C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
No.... You do not have a million administrators at the end. What I say is that if you put your users in to the administrator group, they will of course be able to edit anything.

If you have a user group fx. named "Blog Users" and you set that group as permission group for blogging, then your users will be able to blog. It is as simple as that!

Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply
cool THX i will try

2017-03-10 9:33 GMT+01:00 concrete5 Community <[email protected]>:

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