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after 1 year back try to use your add-on, because last year you had some bugs with blog-user administration, what makes this add-on useless for me, I thought now let's start again.

But your documentation is very old and still incomplete, because your video's are things which should be done before following your installation/setup tutorial. For example you are using topic's before create them and you select the blog root before setting up the blog root.

It should not be to much expectation to describe at leased the preconditions clearly and if possible provide link's to explanations how to do (if C5 standard).
It's a petty that I faced now an error in the stack management by adding the tag block in the sidebar stack as shown in your video. And now I have to restore a backup, because the error don't let me further edit or delete the fault stack.

I really would appreciate if you could update your documentation (maybe separate C5 versions if needed) and make a working step by step description in the right order of everithing what have to be done to get you add-on running on a fresh installed C5 (without any example content installed before).

Best wishes

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Resipisco replied on at Permalink Reply
Now I saw, that the link's (previews/next) below the tutorial videos do not follow the same order as the content table in the beginning of the tutorial. This is confusing me at all. Maybe I missunderstood the order of videos and text explanations.

My proposal for better structur in the tutorial:

Describe everything with text (step by step with clear numbers) and place on each step a video link in case you can provide a video tutorial about how to do this step. But do not place a further link on the video only a "next" link to the next step (text). And so on.
This would not mix text and videos and preview/next logic.
C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry you have trouble using our blog package.

We are working on new documentation as we speak. However, I can not promise any timeframe. Things has changed a lot in concrete5 the last year, and we have been working hard to keep up the pace. But that is not an excuse for lack of documentation. We have just not been able to come around documentation before now.

Hopefully you will find a way to get your blog working. If not we will be happy to help.

Resipisco replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, but I do not get rid of the stack fault.

I've installed a complete new C5 v7.5.13 version including the C5 example content to have all what I need to follow your C5DK setup tutorial. And than I installed the Pixle theme (I'm using).
An without doing anything else (only creat a blog user and a blog user goup) I've installed your C5DK block package.
Then I've been following your tutorial and came to the same point as first time to add the sidbar stack. After push the "add" button to save the created sidbar stack I've got again the following error message:

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

I've no idea about how to come over this issue, please help!
I will open a Ticket for it. Lets go ahead there.

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