WIll your add-on Blog work with CC5 version 8.2.1.

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I am running CC5 version I need to upgrade to 8.2.1 to potentially fix some other issues with my site. Will the add-on run on 8.2.1 and if so any known problems when running the upgrade ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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melange replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry ,

I just seen your announcement re: Version 8

C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry... But 8.2.1 did brake our blog package...

We are finishing up a new major upgrade for the 8.2.1+ versions. We are in the testing phase, and everything is looking good. I'll expect it will come out in the beginning of next week. But if something occurs we would probably need a few more days.
C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for the late answer.

Our C5DK Blog version is out and tested and verified for concrete5 8.2.+

Happy blogging...


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