Documentation of how C5DK Multilingual Content Block works.

We assume that you have already installed the package.

  1. The first thing to do is to find the page where you want to have Multilingual Content.
  2. Put the page in edit mode.
  3. Find the place on the page where you want to insert Multilingual Content, and add the C5DK Multilingual Content block.
  4. When you need to add a language, use the button "Add Language". After which you have the option to select your language and writing your content.
  5. Click the "Add Language" when you are finished.
  6. You can now insert multiple languages ​​in the same way.
  7. Click "Add" to add the block to the page.

You can now switch between languages ​​by clicking on the flags above the block.

If you have multiple instances of C5DK Multilingual Content Block on the same side, you have the option of inserting C5DK Multilingual Content Menu block on the page.

This will make it possible to switch all the instances at the same time. C5DK Multilingual Content Menu has no Settings. But we have supplied a template which makes it possible to change the flag position from right to left.

This add-on also has some templates with different layout. Check dem out in the switch template section of the block.