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Review posted by oddhelge on at

Slider with all features I need

I tried some of the slide add-ons for Concrete5, this one is perfect for my use.
You have many options, but the one that was most important for me, was the
possibility to deactivate all controls and paging in the slideshow, make it auto-start
and automatically stop it after last slide. This add-on handles all this perfectly
and the control panel to administrate these settings are simple to use.
Extra plus for the support when small bug was discovered. Fast reply, fast fixing
This add-on work PERFECTLY on Concrete5 v8.4.2

If you need the slide to auto-start, you will get a white rectangle in the area for the slide plus spinning loading icon.
If you want to change this:
#Line 61
background: #fff url(../images/bx_loader.gif) center center no-repeat;
Change #fff to your theme color, for example #000000 (black) or #ffffff00 (transparent)

If you don’ want the loading spinning icon, you can delete it and #Line 61 will look like this:
background: #fff;

This add-on is well worth the money

Before 1.1.5

Review posted by JohnTurner on at

Great Add-On

I was looking for a simple to use, feature packed, slider add-on for the front page of my website. C5Russia bxSlider Pro is great. It did the job nicely and I have complete control of how it works. It is a very nice add-in. I asked for a new feature and the author was very responsive and had the new feature incorporated in only a couple of days. I'm very happy with this add-on.

1.1.5 -

Review posted by skau61 on at


when somebody talks about "TONS" of features.. well this is a really slider that fits any situation
Great !!

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