This addon installs a job which will load one or more pages. This has the side-effect of loading any cached data for that page, hence potentially improving the response time for subsequent site visitors.

The list of pages loaded by the Cache Filler job is controlled by a single (optional) config/site.php definition CACHE_FILLER_PAGES. By default, just the home page is loaded (cID=1)

define('CACHE_FILLER_PAGES', '1');

CACHE_FILLER_PAGES sets a comma separated list of pages as a combination of page paths within the site and collection (page) ID numbers.

For example:

define('CACHE_FILLER_PAGES', '1,about,/about/contact-us/');

Would load the home page (cID=1), the about page and the contact page.

Cache Filler will also process full url's starting 'http' or 'www'. The list of pages can alternatively be configured using the job url parameter 'p' to specify a list or the url array parameter 'p[]'. If using url parameters some characters will need to be escaped.

Cache Filler is best run individually using FlexJob Scheduler at set times, usually immediately after flushing the cache with Cache Vac.

Beware of clearing the cache too often, it could have a negative impact on site performance. Also beware of loading too many pages in one job. Doing so could result in the job timing out and failing.