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Review posted by enlil on at

Excellent solution!!

I'm currently building an Events area for a project which will display Facebook events using the Facebook Events add-on. Using the single event block, on "event" page type pages below the main page.

On the main page I'm using Page List+ to list all "event" page types with a thumbview template applied to pull the image from the single event block.

But.... every time the cache was cleared Page List+ presented me with an error, yet still pulled in the proper image:

Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to open '/files/cache/' for writing: No such file or directory in /updates/concrete5.6.2.1_updater/concrete/core/helpers/image.php on line 207

By installing Cache Filler and using Flex Job Scheduler I was able to run Cache Filler soon after every cache dump, therefore speeding up the render of those pages and getting the error out of the way!

This is the line I used to include the specific page in config/site.php:

define('CACHE_FILLER_PAGES', '/events/');

1.1 -

Review posted by drbiskit on at

Really useful - should be in the core

I have just finished a site that is pulling in most of it's content via xml feeds from a 3rd party source. The response times on the 3rd party server were sluggish to say the least, so caching was going to be essential. The built in c5 caching was working really nicely to help speed up the site.

The issue I had is that when the cache was cleared (in order to pick up updates in the data feed), the first time each page was then visited, it would load very slowly whilst it was cached again. I'd run into this problem a bit on other sites, but it was much more of an issue on this one due to volume of data.

So - this add-on was an absolute god-send. By adding in a job to run at the same time as when the cache is cleared, it completely fixed the issue.

Great work JohntheFish, and thank you for making this a freebie.

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